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This firm has helped hundreds of injured victims recover millions of dollars in deserved compensation.

  • Claims for wrongful death action by the estate of a deceased Marine recruiter who died in a railroad crossing collision.
  • Claims against a manufacturer for violation of the Arkansas Franchise Practices Act.
  • Cases against home builders for breach of implied warranties in residential construction.
  • Claim for a child against a schoolmate and the schoolmate’s homeowner’s insurance carrier for head injuries suffered by the child at the hands of the schoolmate.
  • Claims against the manufacturer of roofing panels and various other defendants for injuries suffered by a client and two co- workers who fell through the roofing panels while working at a construction site.
  • Representation of a client being sued in a shareholder derivative lawsuit in Federal Court for claims involving breach of fiduciary duty and illegal shareholder distributions.
  • Representation of several passengers injured in the crash of American Airlines Flight 1420, which occurred in Little Rock on June 1, 1999.
  • Settlement of claims for damages for wrongful death caused by hit-and-run motor vehicle accident.
  • Claims for damages for traumatic brain injury to a small child caused by negligence and defective design of a motor vehicle passenger restraint system.
  • Hundreds of clients suffering from heart valve damage as a result of Wyeth (formerly AHP) promoting, marketing and selling the diet drugs known as “fen-phen”.
  • Medical malpractice involving death from the mismanagement of infection after a gastric bypass; the severing of the spinal accessory nerve during a routine biopsy of neck lymph node; and, a pathology lab’s loss of a young woman’s skin specimen which was suspected of being cancerous.