41 years of knowledge and courtroom expertise




Aviation trial lawyers must have both a solid foundation in domestic and international aviation laws, but also a grasp of flying procedures, aircraft design and avionics. In other words, we have to be experts in aviation as well as the legal intricacies of aviation law. Andy Payne, of Counsel, has been a active pilot since 1989. This keeps him abreast of the latest developments in aviation, and keeps him sharp on aviation issues that arise during his cases.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience in aviation cases, including:

General Aviationthe branch of aviation law dealing with individuals and corporations who own or operate airplanes and helicopters

Military Aviation men and women who serve in the armed forces are protected by the same safety regulations as civilians, and we have successfully conducted investigations into cases involving pilot error, mechanical failure, flawed design and improper maintenance

Commercial Aviation this area of the law deals with FAA regulations, international treaties, flying procedures, aviation technology, and policies and procedures affecting airline accidents

Helicopters because these aircraft are mechanically different from fixed-wing planes and operate under different regulations, these cases require a whole new level of insight and understanding

Our years of experience in these kinds of cases give us an unmatched level of aviation and legal expertise. As a result, we’re able to assemble the right team to represent your interest in even the most complex aviation case.