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Maybe Issue One

Protecting Arkansas Families

As Mike Masterson reported in yesterday’s paper, the politician behind Issue 1, Sen. Jake Files, received an $80,000 wire transfer from a special interest group just one week after he filed the prior legislation for Issue 1.  

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Mysterious payments, politicians and special interests never make good bedfellows - especially at the expense of Arkansas families. 

“... whatever happened with the much-publicized $80,000 nursing-home industry executive David L. Norsworthy reportedly wired into the commercial bank account of now-former state Sen. Jake Files of Fort Smith. Seems reasonable an inexplicable exchange of that much money between a nursing home guru and an elected official convicted of financial crimes should be sufficient to catch the attention of any diligent investigator and prosecutor.” - Mike Masterson for the Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette


Don’t let special interests take away the value of life and our constitutional rights just so politicians can line their own pockets at our expense! Help us fight this corruption. Click here to make a donation today and help us fight Issue 1. Every bit helps. 


Protect AR Families

David Williams