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The Law Office of David H. Williams


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{Actos®} Actos® Causes Bladder Cancer

David Williams

$2.4 Billion Dollar Actos® Settlement Follows Win in Bladder Cancer Trial - 7th Largest Verdict in History

Approximately 9,000 Actos users developed bladder cancer. The settlement has been reported to be one of the largest of its kind in U.S. history - 2.4 billion dollars.                    

The allocation of settlement funds will be determined through a claims administration process with the oversight of a court-appointed Special Master. Each claimant’s allocation will be determined using case-specific factors, such as cumulative dosage and smoking history, along with the extent of injury.

The settlement was reached after attorneys helped try a case on behalf of Actos user Terence Allen which resulted in the seventh largest verdict in U.S. history. That verdict, in excess of nine billion dollars, has since been reduced by the trial court to a little over thirty-seven million and is currently on appeal.       

Lawyers assisted in trying the case and played key roles in the build up to the case. Mr. Overholtz cross-examined key trial witnesses Dr. Mondira Bhattacharya, Takeda’s head of US Drug Safety, and Dr. Meng Tan, Eli Lilly’s Medical Director. Attorneys also took a majority of the pre-trial depositions of the witnesses in the case.             

Individuals who developed bladder cancer following their use of Actos may have a very valuable legal claim. It is critical that such individuals act quickly and have top-quality legal advice to maximize the value of their claims. If you or a loved one developed bladder cancer following the use of Actos, we urge you to give us a call today.