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Protect Arkansas Families

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Gallagher to Advise Protect Arkansas Families Campaign


Gallagher to Advise
Campaign Against Tort Amendment

Protect Arkansas Families, the campaign effort to defeat the passage of a
constitutional amendment limiting the value of life and damages for Arkansans
in lawsuits, announced that Chad Gallagher, will serve as an advisor and
strategist to the campaign.

An Arkansas native, Gallagher, is the founder and principal consultant with Legacy
Consulting. He is a long time aide and advisor to former Governor Huckabee,
serving as his political director, director of appointments and policy advisor
for local government during Huckabee’s term; and further in his presidential
races, political action committee and other private business affairs since
leaving office. Long active in state politics, Gallagher has previously served
as a delegate to Republican National Conventions and worked on a great number
of Republican campaigns in the state.

“We are very excited that Chad has joined our team,” Paul Byrd, an officer with
Protect Arkansas’ Families said. “Chad is a thoughtful leader in strategy and
messaging, and his love for Arkansas combined with his political experience is
a tremendous asset to our campaign. Chad’s the right person to help guide this
important campaign toward victory.”

Through his firm, Gallagher works with clients on public relations, strategic growth, brand
management and government relations, as well as local community development
projects. Prior to his tenure in the governor’s office, he served as the mayor
of De Queen. In addition to the consulting company, Gallagher and his wife,
Jessica, have founded a Christian school in De Queen, serve in church
leadership and own a restaurant and a grass-fed beef farm in Sevier County.

“I’m looking forward to working on behalf of Arkansans to defeat this dangerous
amendment. As a small business owner, I have always advocated for business
growth and sound economic policies. I am a small town boy who believes bringing
jobs to rural Arkansas is crucial. Unfortunately, this amendment doesn’t help
that happen at all. As a person of faith and a life-long conservative, I’ve
worked in politics since I was a teenager to protect the value of every life,
especially the unborn, who are without their own voice. This amendment would
place a dollar amount limit on the price of life and limb in our state
constitution. Doing so would only hurt every day working Arkansas families and
would be the most tragic for the least amongst us in our society, including
children and the elderly. Our senior citizens in nursing homes would stand to
be harmed the most by this reckless amendment. While it may benefit big donors
and politicians, it’s a death blow to everyday families. I’m honored to serve
in this capacity and do all I can to protect Arkansans.”

Gallagher is a native of Winthrop (Little River County) and a 1996 graduate of Ouachita Baptist
University. He and his wife Jessica have four children.

David Williams