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Issue One

Protect Arkansas Families

Value life. Vote AGAINST ISSUE 1

We’re getting the word out about the harmful effects of Issue 1, and what it could do to our families, friends, and neighbors if it passes. Did you see our post on our Facebook page?  

Issue 1 is a clear and present threat to the value of life. If it passes it’ll not only change the Arkansas Constitution, but put an artificial dollar value on human life. Issue 1 is the continuation of the death culture and it’s lack of respect for the sanctity of life.

That is unjust, immoral, and wrong.

Will you share our post on Facebook with your friends and family? We need to get the word out about Issue 1 before it’s too late. We can’t let Issue 1 pass in Arkansas, and we can’t let big government tell us how much we’re worth. We must vote against Issue 1 this November.


Protect AR Families



David Williams