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Issue One

Protect Arkansas Families

For too long, our state has led the way on medical errors and mistakes.


Issue 1’s proposed artificial value on life and the lower standard of care in our nursing homes and health facilities is a disgrace to our state!   If Issue 1 passes, this latest column in the Democrat-Gazette foresees the result.


All accountability: Lost.


"The attempt to rig the justice system in favor of defendants in injury cases for me represents nothing less than the nursing home industry's greatest betrayal to the residents it should serve above all. Sadly enough, it seems every day we Arkansans somehow come out on the losing end when big money and friendly politicians join forces.”




Issue 1 is riddled with confusing and tricky language meant to give power to big money, big government, and wealthy special interests while taking away our basic rights given to us by the state constitution.


This is an urgent call to action: Give $5, $15, or even $50 right now so we can stop Issue 1 from taking away our rights and value. Help us protect our most vulnerable family and friends from this injustice!




Protect AR Families










David Williams