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Issue One

Protect Arkansas Families

"If Issue 1 passes, we all lose."


If you haven’t see this article from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette yet, you need to. Just a few weeks ago, the paper exposed the alarming numbers of medication and health errors that are plaguing -- even killing -- elderly and vulnerable Arkansas residents in their places of care.

The same people who want to loosen the rules and limit the value of the lives of our family and friends in Arkansas care centers are the ones who are behind #Issue1. We can’t stress enough -- if Issue 1 passes, we all lose.




It’s going to take a lot of money, resources, and people-power to make sure this ballot measure does not pass next November. We can’t let special interests put an arbitrary value on life. Please give $10, $50, or $100 right now so we can take them on and stop #Issue1 in 2018.


With your help, we can make sure our elderly and most vulnerable citizens are taken care of -- and protected -- in nursing homes and living centers across our state. Stand up with us, and demand better before it’s too late.



Protect AR Families

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David Williams