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Issue One

Protect Arkansas Families



It’s hard not to think about families like that of Tyler Jarrell, who was tragically killed at the Ohio State Fair when a ride malfunctioned, and threw him and others into the sky and onto the ground. Now a law, similar to what’s being proposed with Issue 1, will make Tyler’s family’s fight for justice even harder.

Because of Ohio’s law that’s similar to the ballot measure Issue 1 here in Arkansas, the manufacturer of the fatal fair accident might actually be shielded -- protected -- from being held accountable for a wrongful death. 




The interests behind Issue 1 right here in Arkansas are also looking to limit the justice for victims of disasters like this because of unjust greed. Instead of holding high safety standards for amusement park rides or medical practices, these interests would rather protect big business and corporate greed just to make a buck.

Issue 1 is an injustice. We can't stay silent. Use the thumbnails below and join us on Facebook and Twitter as we demand action and work to stop Issue 1 from passing here in Arkansas -- families like Tyler Jarrell’s are depending on us, and stories like theirs need to be shared to make sure this doesn’t happen in Arkansas.







David Williams