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{Incretin Mimetics} Byetta®, Januvia® and Victoza® Linked to Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer

Diabetes drugs in the class known as incretin mimetics, including Byetta®, Januvia® and Victoza®, have been linked to cases of severe pancreatitis, and more recently cases of pancreatic cancer.  Unfortunately, pancreatic cancer has one of the highest cancer mortality rates.                 

Lawsuits for Byetta®, Januvia® and/or Victoza® users suffering from severe pancreatitis and/or pancreatic cancer have been consolidated for pretrial purposes before a federal district court in San Diego, California.

Over the past several months, the firm’s attorneys have been busy taking depositions of corporate executives, regulatory employees, and scientists of the drug man-ufacturers. Merck and the other manufacturers are attempting to hide behind the FDA, and downplay the clear warning signal they received about how these drugs can cause and promote this deadly cancer. Our firm is committed to holding them responsible and accountable for putting profits ahead of safety, and harming our clients in the process.                 

If you or a loved one developed pancreatic cancer and ingested any of the incretin mimetic drugs, Byetta®, Januvia® or Victoza®, our firm can help. Please call us today for more information about your potentially valuable legal claim.