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{Hip Replacements} Significant Recoveries for Victims of Failed Hip Replacements

There are claims on behalf of individuals with failed hip implants manufactured by Stryker (Reju- venate® and ABG II®), DePuy (ASRTMand Pinnacle®), and Wright (Conserve® and Profemur®). Some recipients of these hip im- plant systems may have developing problems which have not yet manifested in symptoms. We urge anyone with one of these hip systems to consult with their physician and request a blood test to detect whether they have elevated levels of heavy metals – specifically chromium and cobalt – in their blood (referred to as metallosis). The test is easy and can help detect a problem before greater damage is done.

For individuals with failed Stryker or DePuy hip implant systems, there are immediate settlement opportunities with over two billion dollars having been set aside to compensate victims. If you or a loved one have been implanted with a Stryker, DePuy, or Wright hip system and have experienced any problems including failure and/or metallosis, we urge you to call us today for more information. Settlement opportunities may have limited time frames, so we urge you to act quickly.