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Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise


Medical Malpractice

Americans are fortunate to receive some of the world’s best medical care from dedicated professionals who train for years to work in the medical field. Every year, millions benefit from life-saving procedures. Yet for all the many miracles of modern medicine, there are times when avoidable errors can lead to catastrophic results.

Cases of negligence in health care facilities can be especially tragic, because the victims are often already too ill to care for themselves. Both patients and their loved ones have a right to expect professional levels of care and consideration.

The Law Office of David H. Williams has not only the detailed legal, but also medical expertise to handle cases where death or disability has occurred. Our team of professionals analyzes records to put together the critical data essential to understanding and successfully pursuing a case.

Despite legislative limits on these cases, we still believe the best way to ensure a better medical system for patients and practitioners alike is to enforce the highest possible standards.


Product Liability

Customers expect the products they buy to work safely and effectively. And for the most part, the companies who manufacture those products work hard to win consumer confidence and trust. From time to time, however, an incident involving a faulty product design – or even a failure on the part of a manufacturer to adequately warn consumers of certain product risks – can lead to a catastrophic loss.

In these cases, an attorney needs to be equal parts advocate and engineer.


Commercial Vehicles

It’s as obvious as it is tragic – when a large commercial truck hits a passenger vehicle, the occupants of the car are more likely to suffer. In fact, 98 percent of the individuals killed in such collisions are in the smaller vehicle.

No matter how safe a vehicle you select or how responsibly you operate it on the highway, you are at risk from the actions of others. And, to make matters worse, many trucking companies do very little to train or monitor their drivers. Some even encourage their operators to exceed the speed limit or drive when tired, by offering financial incentives by the mile or the load.

At The Law Offices of David H. Williams, our attorneys have an understanding of the complex regulations governing trucking safety, and the experience of handling multimillion-dollar cases. As always, our goal is to encourage safer operations and improved standards, making the roads less dangerous for trucks and passenger vehicles alike.

Issue 1 : Protect Arkansas Families

Issue 1 isn’t just about protecting our families, communities, veterans and the elderly. It’s about protecting our farmers from being run out of business by big multinational corporations that are more than happy to compromise our farmers’ ability to sell their product. And it’s happened before.

Don’t let special interests challenge your constitutional rights! Share with your friends and family today

On December 8, 2011, it was ruled by the Arkansas State Supreme Court that a law similar to Issue 1 was unconstitutional. The court found that German multinational corporation, Bayer, had contaminated Arkansas rice farmers' crops with genetically modified rice during outdoor testing and that genetically modified rice had begun to appear in the nation’s long-grain rice supply.



Aviation trial lawyers must have both a solid foundation in domestic and international aviation laws, but also a grasp of flying procedures, aircraft design and avionics. In other words, we have to be experts in aviation as well as the legal intricacies of aviation law. Andy Payne, of Counsel, has been a active pilot since 1989. This keeps him abreast of the latest developments in aviation, and keeps him sharp on aviation issues that arise during his cases.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience in aviation cases, including:

  • General Aviation
  • Military Aviation 
  • Commercial Aviation 
  • Helicopters

Our years of experience in these kinds of cases give us an unmatched level of aviation and legal expertise. As a result, we’re able to assemble the right team to represent your interest in even the most complex aviation case.


Defective Drugs & Devices

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